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The Nature of Illness January 4, 2011

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I am S-I-C-K. Sick like I swallowed a handful of gravel and my head is just slightly pinned on to the rest of my body.  Sick like crumpled up tissues everywhere and standing dazed in front of the medicine aisle trying to figure out which of the just-different-enough syrups I need most. So, I am trying–trying being a key word–to think about some of the interesting parts of being sick instead of just wallowing in the fevery achey badness.

I write all the time about how “nature is everywhere,” but often forget that nature is also our bodies and our minds. That, whether we act like it or not, we evolved from the same evolutionary processes as every other creature on this planet.  I decided to do some feeble research on why people get sick, and just like everything else it is an amazing process!

I want to write about it but I have to go curl into a shivering ball in my bed, making this post basically useless. I’m sorry about that! I had visions of grandeur of a great full post explaining the human body and its wonderful complicated reactions to the harmful things it comes in contact with. Maybe I will try a little later, but in the mean time go ahead and google it!

The body is an amazing machine. Think about it–you are the product of ~3.7 billion years of fighters. You are capable of facing and overcoming so much. Well, at least your body is–as I have suddenly learned the brain can only do so much while the body is fighting it out within. Hah!

So off I go, hoping to leave you with, if not an interesting look into the immune system, than at least something to think about! I hope you are all feeling well and enjoying the great outdoors wherever you are. Hopefully my next post will be more coherent and informative!

I’m off to bed to wait out the shivers and have my body win this next battle. Goodnight!


2 Responses to “The Nature of Illness”

  1. Debi Says:

    Feel better soon!

  2. ohhhohoho! Great post–too cute for feeling so horrible, what a trouper you are, I do hope you feel better very soon!

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