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Fall Changes Sing Along! October 29, 2010



I am very excited to announce my first ever Backyard Safari Sing Along! I originally wrote this song for a kindergarten class to help them learn about some of the changes plants and animals go through during the Fall, but I just had to share! This song focuses specifically on what bears, trees (deciduous only!), and birds (migrants only!) do as seasons change from summer to winter. For people who live in states/countries that go through these seasons, I hope this video will be a useful way to remember some important fall transitions. For those who don’t, I encourage you to make up your own examples and lyrics that match what you experience!

If you want to perform this song again at your own pace, here are the lyrics and the hand motions that go along with it.  Thanks for watching!


Backyard Safari Fall Changes Sing Along Lyrics

Spoken: First we will be bears:

Sing: When it’s warm (aaah sigh)

We eat all day (eating motions)

When it’s cold (brrrr! Shivering)

We sleep away! (pretend to sleep)


Spoken: Now let’s be trees:

Sing: When it’s warm (aaah sigh)

We grab the sun (stretch arms into air)

When it’s cold (brrr! Shivering)

Our leaves are done! (shake arms all around)


Spoken: Now we’ll be birds!

Sing: When it’s warm (aaah sigh)

We chirp and play (tweet tweet noises)

When it’s cold (brrr! Shivering)

We fly away! (Flap arms to fly)



One Response to “Fall Changes Sing Along!”

  1. Shanban Says:

    I love this…and the animations/drawings are so you! But mostly I love this because i get to hear your voice! Miss you!

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