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Tree Transition Challenge August 5, 2010



My fellow backyard explorers, I invite you to take part in Backyard Safari’s first ever Tree Transition Challenge.

I got this idea after noticing that some of the trees in my area are already changing color.  Every year around this time it seems like the trees go from being green and luscious to autumn colors almost overnight. Once the trees have turned color, I always think to myself that I should have taken a picture every day or so to try to see how the transition really happens. Well, this year I am finally going to do it! I have chosen the tree shown above, and will take a picture of it every other day as it changes from green to golden.

I am now inviting you to do the same! I know our readers are from different parts of the world, and not all of you are going through the same Summer to Fall transition that we are experiencing here in Pennsylvania. If you are experiencing a transition of another kind (Winter to Spring, Monsoon to Dry, etc.) I would love to see what that looks like as well! So what do you think? It doesn’t have to be anything fancy–for example, I am just taking these pictures with my cell phone camera. Also, if you or your children would like to do something a little more involved, try drawing a picture of the same tree every day showing the color changes! Maybe I will do this too…

I am hoping that documenting this process will make me more aware of the little changes that take place as we move through the seasons.  At the end, I will compile all the pictures together so you can watch the change take place gradually over time. I hope some of you are inspired to do the same! If you do, please send it in to If I am able to get some from you readers I will have a Transition-Inspired post highlighting all of your submissions!

So ready, set, go! Pick something you see every day and watch what happens!


3 Responses to “Tree Transition Challenge”

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