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Reader Photo Submission -Jamee C. June 7, 2010


I am very excited to present to you another reader photo submission (you can read our other submissions here and here), this time from Jamee C. of Northern Virginia. Jamee is an excellent photographer and long-time friend of the blog, so she decided to send in some pictures of the wildlife living in her own backyard.

First, she sent in this picture of what I believe is a grey tree frog (if anyone has other guesses, let me know!) that has been living under a dish in her backyard.



As she was taking pictures it crawled up the side of a fountain. Jamee pointed out–and I agree–that the tree frog blends in so well it would be difficult to see if you didn’t already know it was there!



Jamee loves watching the local bird life, and she has provided a great habitat for them, complete with seed bird feeders, hummingbird feeders, and two bird baths. Here are some pictures of blue jays enjoying one of the baths in her backyard.



In this one, one of the blue jays is making a mini-cyclone of the water. Pretty amazing picture–it looks like fun!



Finally, Jamee sent in this picture of one of the squirrels living in her backyard. She says she loves watching their antics and the one in the photo appears to be eating a nut of some kind.



A big thanks to Jamee C. for thinking of Backyard Safari and sending in these great photos! Thanks to her from the local Northern Virginia wildlife as well for creating such a great habitat for them in her backyard. I hope they continue to bring Jamee and her family many hours of joy, fascination, and photo opportunities!

As always, if you have pictures or a story you would like to share of your own backyard safari, please send them to!

I love the opportunity to get a glimpse into what all of you are seeing out there. Also I should add that almost all of the photos I have taken that you see on this blog are taken with my cell phone camera! It works best for me because I always have it on my person, so I can always be ready to snap a quick shot. You don’t need 100 pounds of camera equipment to get a great picture (although how fun, if you have it!!), so I encourage everyone to get out there and try their hand at a few pictures!

Thanks again to Jamee C. and all of our previous reader photo submitters! I’ll see you out there!


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