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Reader Photo Submission – Duckling Edition June 2, 2010

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I’m happy to present our second reader photo submission (you can read the first one here).  This submission is actually from my wonderful husband, who spotted this duck family while walking to the library.




They are taking advantage of some shallow puddles created during a recent rainstorm.

I love finding evidence of how adaptable animals are. It is awful the way the habitat of species everywhere is being destroyed, but I find the resourcefulness many animals show in the face of that inspiring. As the city I live in has gotten bigger and bigger, I am sure a lot of natural habitat these ducks could have enjoyed has been altered or built over. Despite all that, here they are, exploring a mud puddle together in a small parklet surrounded by buildings.

Take a look as you go about your day today for other evidence of animals adapting to a new environment. I am sure you will see plenty–squirrels and chipmunks fighting for access to bird feeders, a box turtle visiting a man-made pond that didn’t exist 3 years ago, some birds bathing in collected rainwater. See what you can find that inspires you, while we all try to do what we can to protect these animals’ natural habitat.

And a big thanks to Mr. Backyard Safari for the great pictures! Keep them coming!


2 Responses to “Reader Photo Submission – Duckling Edition”

  1. Mr. Backyard Safar Says:

    you are welcome.

  2. […] to present to you another reader photo submission (you can read our other submissions here and here), this time from Jamee C. of Northern Virginia. Jamee is an excellent photographer and long-time […]

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