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Enter into Nature May 23, 2010

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My days have been very busy these past few weeks–almost every day I have been taking different classes of children outside to learn about the natural world around them. Most days have a theme, like soil, weather, or ecosystems, in order to assure the activities we do matches what the students are learning with their curriculum. It has been such a wonderful time and I am planning on writing more about it soon. This past Friday I spent the entire day standing in a creek, showing kids the caddisfly larvae and crayfish living under the rocks–what more could I ask for??

In the mean time, though, I wanted to share some more photos of archways in the woods, like I talked about in the “Doorways to Nature” post.

I found these on a recent walk exploring an area I will be taking some students later this week. I’ve noticed that the arches I see now are much bigger than those I did as a child. This makes sense of course–as I mentioned before I can’t always fit through them the way I used to!  But even though most of the arches in this post are large enough to walk through, I still contend that the very best ones are the wild ones, made of a tangle of brambles, that you have to crawl through in order to discover what is on the other side!

These will have to do for now, though, and I hope they inspire you to keep searching your local habitat for those things hiding just under the surface.





This last one is a little more like it! Doesn’t it look tempting?

Have a great week everyone! As always, please send any interesting things you find throughout your days to  Maybe there are some interesting doorways in your life just waiting for you to walk through them?


One Response to “Enter into Nature”

  1. julia Says:

    This series is so amazing! I can’t wait to look for some…

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