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Doorways to Nature May 2, 2010

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In my very first post I mentioned that when I was young I used to find small archways of plants in the woods that I would crawl through, pretending they might be openings to another world. I also mentioned that I still do this sometimes, even if I can’t quite fit. I don’t always think of this when I go walking in the woods, but if I see a really nice one I just can’t resist!

On a recent walk I decided to see how many of these I could find. I ended up finding 9 during a ~40 minute hike at a local nature center. I wanted to put some of these up on this blog to show you what I mean by “archways of plants,” so I chose the 5 best to show you here:

The first one is an arch made from a sticker/briar bush reaching out into the path.  Lots of archways are made out of these thorny plants, because of the way they can bend. This makes it harder to go through them, as the thorns might catch you, but as a child this made them even more appealing–by my reasoning if there was a secret doorway in the forest, wouldn’t it be protected by something?

This archway is so perfect I almost can’t believe it occurred naturally. It was created when the tree broke and fell over. Very tempting!

Here is a very small arch made from a vine–there may have been a time when I fit through this, but those days are long gone now!

Here is an arch over a fallen log. The moss and bright green ground cover make this arch especially nice.

This 5th and final arch is my absolute favorite! The carpet of purple flowers leading up to the large arch are so beautiful, and make it very unique.

I had a really fun time looking for archways while on my walk–they can occur anywhere and in all shapes and sizes.  If you need something to get you out and exploring, picking a topic like this can be a great motivation! On your next walk, see if you can find any archways, especially if you have a young child with you.  If you see one, take a picture and send it in to and we’ll see how many we come up with!

The magic of the archways to me growing up was really just the magic of nature, and it is a magic that continues no matter how old you get! So get out there and try walking under some of these natural doorways–you never know what will happen!


4 Responses to “Doorways to Nature”

  1. Grandma Newman Says:

    Take me along the next time you
    walk in the woods!!!!!

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