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Backyard Bird Visitors April 16, 2010

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As I’ve mentioned before, the reason why I chose the name “Backyard Safari” for this blog is because I want to show that you don’t need a large secluded mountain range or forest in order to see the wonderful things nature has to offer. There is so much going on in our own backyards–we just have to look!  In fact, I do not even have a backyard of my own right now, as I currently live in an apartment building. There are plenty of plants and animals living in the retention pond and parking lot islands right around the complex, however, which was proven to me more by some feathered visitors to my balcony today.

I recently put two plants out on the balcony and for some reason ever since then I have been visited by two mourning doves. I am not completely sure–they fly away when I get too close–but I believe they are probably a mated pair. Mourning doves are monogamous for the year, and spend a lot of time preening, which I got to see today before they finally flew off. 



Because they have flown away whenever I stand up or come to close, I had to do some stealth floor-rolling in order to get to the camera and then back on a couch I could hide behind while filming. Because of this the images aren’t the best, but for now they will have to do! Here you can see them doing something like preening with each other:



I put some bird seed out in the hopes that they will keep coming back.  Just more proof that you can see wildlife no matter where you are. Keep looking!


3 Responses to “Backyard Bird Visitors”

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