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Pick it up PA Days! April 8, 2010

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As part of the Great American Cleanup, Pennsylvania is having “Pick it up PA Days,” from April 17th to May 1st. Now that the weather has warmed up it’s time to get out there and try to make our community a better place for both people and wildlife!



There are a lot of resources on the Great American Cleanup of Pennsylvania website that can help you get started. If you live in Pennsylvania, you can search for an event in your area by county here. Events usually consist of meeting a group of interested people at a certain site, and then working together to clean up the road sides, stream banks, and nature areas nearby. Some events offer coffee, a free potluck lunch, and/or prizes for the types of trash found (oldest, most interesting, largest amount, etc.). It all depends on how involved your community wants to be! If you don’t see one on the list yet for your county, you can start one and follow our own vision of what it should be!

You can also contact your local PennDOT representative in order to get free gloves, vests (for visibility along roads), and trash bags. 

If you are a teacher and are looking for some resources to use in your classroom or a way to get your students more involved, check out this website for educators here.

The Great American Cleanup of PA also welcomes anyone to save a copy of their logo and make t-shirts, buttons, brochures, put ads in their local paper, etc. etc! You can do this by downloading the jpeg from the website, or by saving the image below:



I’ll see you out there! 


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